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CNY Doula Connection

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106 Sotherden Drive,
Liverpool , NY 13090 UNITED STATES

About CNY Doula Connection

The number one choice for labor support, postpartum care, childbirth education, placenta encapsulation, belly binding, newborn sleep education, and prenatal yoga in CNY! Our affiliated doulas are a community of professionals. Experienced, efficient, knowledgeable, and nurturing. Additionally, our team is supported through our office resources, which therefore, elevates your support.

We truly believe in the philosophy of non-judgmental physical, educational, and emotional support to parents and families through a warm and respectful approach.
The CNY Doula Connection team is proud to serve all of Central New York and the surrounding areas.


CNY Doula Connection 315-707-8097
106 Sotherden Drive,
Liverpool , NY 13090 UNITED STATES
CNY Doula Connection

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CNY Doula Connection
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childbirth and pregnancy assistance,  post partum depression,  childbirth nannies
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CNY Doula Connection

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